Guidance for Individuals & Families

Comprehensive guidance for individuals and families with complex financial considerations.

A CFO for Your Family

Your team at GW & Wade acts as a personalized CFO managing your wealth. We have expertise in all areas of wealth management and financial advisory services including tax planning. Because tax is such an important component of our work, one call is all it takes when you have questions, need assistance, or want to talk through a major planning decision.


Strategic Philanthropy

Whether you use a donor-advised fund, give directly, or manage a charitable foundation, GW & Wade can help you be more strategic with your giving. We work with wealthy families to ensure their money has the greatest impact possible for the organizations that they support and that any donations are tax-optimized.

The Next Generation

With great wealth comes great responsibility. How can you be confident that the next generation is ready to manage the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate? We work with families to address this question by educating and informing the next generation on the planning process. Our goal? To make you, and them, feel more confident about the road ahead.

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